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Campaign encourages SMEs to save time, money and energy

By September 14, 2023No Comments

Local Enterprise Offices have launched a campaign encouraging small businesses to avail of supports that will help them save time, money and energy.

The “All In A Day’s Work” campaign is focused on highlighting the supports that will enable small businesses to make significant changes to the way they work.

The supports include the Lean, Green and Digital programmes, all of whom enable small businesses to become more competitive and productive in how they work.

Figures from the Local Enterprise Offices show that the Lean for Business programme, running since 2015 with Enterprise Ireland, has helped save businesses an average of €34,000 by helping them work more efficiently and improving their processes.

The programme has saved Irish companies over €28 million since it began and is free to all small businesses through their Local Enterprise Office, who are based in the local authorities across the country.

The figures also highlighted that the businesses that did avail of these programmes had an average 31% increase in their output or production.

John Magee, chair of the network of Local Enterprise Offices, said it has been a challenging few years for small businesses and those challenges will continue.

“That is why any business should be looking to make themselves more efficient, more productive, and more sustainable for now and the future,” he said.

“The figures speak for themselves on the impact these supports can have. We hope that this campaign will emphasise those benefits and encourage more small businesses to look at how their businesses can save time, money and energy by becoming more efficient and more sustainable. These are choices that will impact them positively both now and in the years ahead.”

Neale Richmond, Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, encouraged any small businesses to reach out to Local Enterprise Offices to avail of supports.

Carol Gibbons, Head of Regions and Local Enterprise, at Enterprise Ireland said a key goal for Enterprise Ireland is to support companies to make the transition to the low-carbon, resource-efficient economy of the future and the ‘All in a Day’s Work’ campaign is a key part of supporting this critical agenda.

Article Source: Campaign encourages SMEs to save time, money and energy – RTE

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